Meerkat Mobius: A Forum for Health Professions Educators in the Digital Arena

Welcome to Meerkat Mobius, a forum for many-to-many problem-solving and mentoring. Being a health professions educator, specifically in the digital space, can be a lonely job. When given a forum to easily engage with and learn from one another, we can raise each other up and collectively accelerate personal and professional development.

Better when we are all on the same side


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Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to create an intellectual space for educators, who work with digital technologies, aspiring towards iterative improvement in medical education. Our vision is that Meerkat Mobius will provide a robust, active, and engaged community of innovative individuals that will accelerate the advancement of medical education globally.

Meerkat Mobius exists because we believe this growth comes not only through connection and promotion of success but also fast and furious learning from our failures. We want to explore the incredible breadth of experience and wisdom together so that we can accelerate progress.

To that end, we value all voices regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, or creed. In fact, diversity and intersectionality of backgrounds broaden our individual perspective and enhance our ability to engage and empathize with each other. In this space, inclusivity and respect are fostered and expected.


Meerkat Mobius was started as a meta experiment in the summer of 2020 by a group of emergency physicians and medical educators looking for a collaborative, centralized place to learn from one another, share resources, and help mentor-up those interested in joining our mission to accelerate knowledge translation through digital technologies. Over a two-week sprint, Meerkat Mobius was created!

Although the need for a forum uniting innovators in medical education existed long before COVID-19, the global pandemic highlighted the need for increased connectivity across institutions and geographic locations but set to a different tempo than Zoom, Slack, or email. While we have all faced similar problems requiring rapid trouble-shooting and crowdsourcing, we believe that many successes can be repeated and some failures don’t need to be repeated.